My name is William Simon Wolf / שמעון זאב (né Strimling), but I usually go by willium online. You can find me on Twitter or LinkedIn. I currently split my time between Tel Aviv and San Francisco.

I specialize in creating tools and visualizations that help people explore data with more empathy. I want to make data more visual, playful, and human.

My previous startup, Bayes, built a product that allowed non-technical people to automatically generate effective visualizations and communicate insights with interactive stories. Bayes was backed by Y Combinator and Amplify Partners. It was subsequently acquired by Airtable.

Before Bayes, I worked at Twitter on conversational health, helping to combat online abuse and misinformation.

I studied Computer Science with an emphasis on Data Science at the University of Washington. I spent much of my free time there working in the Interactive Data Lab, assisting with data visualization research that would eventually inspire Bayes.

While attending high school and university, I worked on what would become UberEATS at Uber, on mobile canvassing at Change.org, on social products at tbh, on international development research at the Harvard Kennedy School, on visual data journalism at FiveThirtyEight, and on product marketing and analytics at Oscar Health.

Very infrequently, I invest in, consult for, and advise startups, but usually only when I believe that I'll have a unique value-add. However, I’m always looking for new thought partners, collaborators, and friends.

I love traveling and meeting strangers, and I’m an avid tea-drinker, beach-runner, weight-lifter, sunset-watcher, and book-reader.

If you’d like to, please don’t hesitate to reach out.